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Nancy Phillips shares essential insights and action steps with audiences who want to prepare their children, grandchildren or students for a successful life in today’s world. She also works with financial professionals who want to help clients talk to their children and grandchildren about money effectively and provides resources to do so. Her mission is to increase the financial life and success skills of our youth globally through sharing key principles with parents, grandparents, educators and financial professionals. She provides answers!

Nancy is the co-author of best selling entrepreneurship book Pushing to the Front with world renowned speaker and author, Brian Tracy. She is available for speaking engagements and collaborative partnerships with corporations, charitable organizations and academic institutions.

Presentations that Motivate, Inspire & Educate!

With a Bachelors in Science, a Masters in Business and twenty plus years of multi-national corporate work experience, Nancy draws on her personal experiences and global research to share with audiences. She addresses the essential elements parents must be aware of in today’s world in order to successfully communicate financial life skills with their children that can then develop into good habits and wise decision making over time. Her desire is to provide the building blocks in a simple, relaxed way that takes the “overwhelm” out of financial education and personal success. She puts the concepts into actionable everyday conversations and good practices.  

Featured in ABC News, in Yahoo Finance, CBC News and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine, Nancy will inform, inspire and ensure your audience takes away “next steps” and action ideas they can immediately apply to transform their lives and the lives of those they are teaching and serving. As they say, the best way to learn something is to teach it!

Current Keynote Speaking Topics


For Financial Professionals:
  • Build Your Business by Helping Clients Talk to Children (and Grandchildren) about Money – Touching on everything from how to attract, educate and give value to clients, to the importance of helping youth building a beneficial relationship with money, this presentation is designed to help financial professionals take a value added approach to attracting and keeping customers. Catapult your business by helping the parents and grandparents in your client roster teach the youth in their family crucial financial life skills.
For Parents, Grandparents and Educators:
  • You Can Transform a Child’s Future by Teaching Them Financial Life Skills – In this session Nancy dives deep into strategies parents, grandparents and educators can use to teach financial life skills to today’s youth. Starting with the GISS (Give, Invest, Save, Spend) Method….
  • The Road Map to Teaching Financial Skills by Age 

Thank you again foran invaluable presentation to our clients and their children.  Instilling proper financial behavior and habits at a young age has such an enormous impact as time goes on.  In addition, providing a forum to discuss entitlement issues with the parents directly, proved to be a great topic of discussion.  We look forward to inviting you to present at future gatherings.

Charles Massimo, President
CJM Fiscal Management
Melville, New York

We created the Financial and Life Skills to Your Next Generation Workshop to provide our clients’ children with a foundation and framework to invest the proper way.  It is proven that the earlier one adopts a prudent investment philosophy and controls their behavior, they will have a much more successful investment experience than those who don’t.  Nancy, you were able to provide further insight into what drives impulsive behavior and why getting into debt early in life can be devastating to one’s financial future. Thank you again for a productive and informative presentation.

Peter S. Anastasian, Managing Director
Behavioral Investment Manager
CJM Wealth Management

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy
Founder – Brian Tracy International

“Nancy’s work helps financial advisors better connect with their clients and children and grandchildren, while reinforcing key financial lessons and best practices. Her message–that parents have a crucial role to play in shaping their children’s financial values and knowledge–is one that cannot be emphasized enough.  Nancy is committed to making a difference and working with firms, families and financial advisors who understand that financial education at any age can make a real difference.”

William G. Chettle
Chief Marketing Officer –  Loring Ward Financial Inc. 

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy
Founder – Brian Tracy International

2019 Speaking Engagements

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