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The Zela Wela Kids Learn about Money: Canadian Version


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Financial skills are life skills that all children need to learn as they grow and mature. It is much easier to teach good money habits when children are young. In addition, stories make learning fun and easy! With these concepts in mind, Nancy Phillips created the Zela Wela Kids® series, for parents, grandparents and teachers to help children learn these essential life skills.

The universal themes presented throughout the book series are:

1. financial life skills

2. the process of goal achievement

3. respecting diversity

4. entrepreneurial thinking

5. the power of giving

In The Zela Wela Kids Learn about Money, Jack, Emma, Mom and Dolly, the dollar fairy, begin to explore what money is and together they learn important life lessons like:

* what money is used for

* what it looks like

* where money comes from

* how much it’s worth

* how to count it.

FCAC Approved

This book helps children identify and understand the value of Canadian currency while enhancing their numeracy skills!

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