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The Parents Guide to Kids and Money


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Have you wondered how to prevent or get rid of the attitude of entitlement?

Have you wondered what money skills your child should know in this rapidly changing world and how to teach them?

This compact guide gives you a place to start with simple to follow tips on universal topics including:

  • Why it’s so important to start at a young age
  • Allowance answers
  • A simple and effective way to teach money management and the value of things at the same time
  • The most damaging mistakes parents make when teaching their children

The product was designed for parents and grandparents with children or grandchildren between the ages of four and thirteen.

Feel the relief as your children begin to learn these critical life skills, and the decreased stress as it becomes easier to discuss money and “things.”


This document is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) ReviewedThe concepts in this guide are applicable to those living in countries with currencies involving dollars and cents.


This document is Financi

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