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Is Your Young Adult Child Financially Responsible?

Do they have the skills and knowledge to live successfully on their own?

How would your life have been different if you had learned financial and life success skills as a teen? Well, most teens still aren’t learning these skills in school, so it’s important they become self-educated on this critical topic. They will make ten or more financial decisions a day by the end of high school.

This is a personal guide that will allow them to ask big questions of themselves regarding their personal values and goals, and they will begin to learn critical success skills and fundamental financial skills they absolutely must have when they leave home if they are to avoid serious financial challenges.

The guide will help your teen:

1. Identify how to achieve their full potential in life

2. Begin to build their personal net worth

3. Stay out of bad debt

4. Create their unique path to success and happiness

The concepts addressed include:

  • Values identification
  • How to set goals for personal success
  • How needs and wants affect your life
  • The number one trait in young people that predicts future financial success in adulthood and how to enhance it.
  • The GISS Method of developing good money management skills and long-term wealth
  • Values-based spending and planning
  • The difference between debit and credit
  • How to avoid identity theft
  • The benefits of entrepreneurial thinking
  • The importance of mentors
  • The impact of gratitude on success and happiness

This document is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Reviewed

The concepts in this guide are applicable to those living in countries with currencies involving dollars and cents.

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