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Audio Program – How to Teach Kids and Teens the Most Critical Financial Life Skills. CD’s and Workbook


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Would you like to have kids who grow up to be financially responsible and independent?

Would you like to know how to teach them the key skills to make this happen?

This is exactly what is discussed on this revolutionary new audio program created for moms and dads everywhere who are wondering how to help prepare their children to lead bright, fulfilling and financially successful lives. In one evening it will give you the information you desire, so you can stop worrying about how to teach your child the financial skills they will need to succeed in life.

The concepts addressed include:

  • The number one trait in children that predicts future financial success in adulthood.
  • A simple yet powerful wealth building habit that’s easy to learn and fun to use.
  • Damaging mistakes all parents should avoid
  • Values based spending and planning
  • Answers to all your allowance questions
  • Why all children should have savings accounts and actively use them
  • What to say to your teens during “the talk” about credit cards
  • A step by step road map you can use to teach your children key financial skills relative to their age

You were going to love this educational program, especially if you…

√ want to prevent or eliminate the entitlement attitude in your family

√ have tried to teach your kids money management skills with disappointing results

are unclear about where to begin and what to teach

feel stuck and worried that you don’t have the time or knowledge to succeed

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