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Nancy Phillips

A Little Help From Our Friends…

We’re grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to work with and help change so many of our supporters lives. So much love. From families and educators with teens and children, to financial professionals who want to help their customers and grow their practices.

You’re the reason we do what we do. Our friends, who all help to make a huge impact globally.  We’re helping today’s youth build critical financial skills and life skills that will continue to transform the world we live in. 

Here are few testimonials and thank you’s from amazing people. 

Thank you.

“Your books have transformed how we talk about money in our household… Incredible!”

Nancy Phillips, creator and author of the Wela Way resources has assembled and developed a priceless collection of personal finance life skills resources for kids, teens and their parents. The personal finance principles that she highlights are critical for creating the solid foundation necessary to enjoy a meaningful, happy and personally successful life. Nancy introduces these fundamental personal finance principles elegantly in an easy to understand manner that parent/grandparent or teacher/instructor can easily communicate in a fun and entertaining way.

Over the years we’ve reviewed many personal finance educational materials and resources and believe that the content quality and communication methods of Nancy’s materials are TOPS!

I would highly recommend

  • Parents/grandparents that understand the critical importance of sharing success skills, financial awareness and financial literacy with their children
  • School districts, educational institutions and youth foundations that are working to empower our next generations of citizens
  • Corporations who want to help their employees to be better parents and enjoy more peace of mind
  • Financial Advisors who want to add value to their client services 

Having better personal finance knowledge changes your world and the world around you… FOREVER!

Valentino Sabuco, CFP®, Executive Director & Publisher

The Financial Awareness Foundation

A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization Dedicated to Significantly

“Improving financial awareness & financial literacy…”

Sonoma County, CA, USA  |

Since finding your Zela Wela Kids blog and buying all of your books I feel like I’ve found a treasure trove of great information that, not only supports what I’ve been saying, but also teaches me more on topics that I, as a parent, am very interested in and thankful for learning about.

I especially love the book on teaching the difference between needs and wants.  I love your wish list and use it for both of my kids.  I also love the idea of kids building their own “GISS” bank.  That was an awesome activity that my kids and I really enjoyed.

Thank you so much for the wealth of great information that you supply me with and I really look forward to your new blog posts as well as your tweets.  I plan on giving your books to my family members and neighborhood kids as Christmas gifts and spreading your good word.

Kind regards

David Vogelsang, Financial Confidence blogger

 “Hi Nancy, I am so grateful that I went into Save-On that day and came across your books. It is so fantastic to read them to my girls and watch their little minds grow, and yes, as you said, no more temper tantrums in or leaving stores! 

I’m lovingly firm in ‘let’s put it on your wish list’ and surprisingly they have barely anything on that list! It was “in the moment” that they had hard time with.

I have been talking about your books to everyone I know, and I even carry them with me in my purse. Lol and so many people are just in awe! 

So thank you for doing this. I know it’s not easy with so many people not wanting to talk about money, and preferring to live in a world of denial. But as you said, it’s the power of one! One person can make a difference, and it has a ripple effect. And soon, No one will be afraid of talking about money.”

Deannie Zahara, mom of three

Hi Nancy,

I wish we had “Built a Bank” sooner, it would have stopped so much begging for me to buy my daughter Lauren (8) things.  Now she manages her own money and is learning for herself the value of a dollar.  In fact last week she wouldn’t buy some earrings because they cost too much.  She learned the hard way about how much taxes are.  It’s a beautiful thing, I am learning to let go of trying to control what she spends her money on and am letting her make her own choices, and, at the same time she is making amazing choices.

I remember humming and hawing about giving Lauren an allowance and how to teach her about spending and saving…then I realized, why am I trying to reinvent the wheel here.  Nancy has already done all the research and I just have to trust in and follow her lead.  It’s working out amazingly well!

Nicola King

Jumpin’ Jack Jon wrapped up his soccer season last Saturday! 

I asked him to restafter the game so he would have the energy for this party that night. Armed with yummy snacks (from the Team Mom), he ran into the house and grabbed a book from Nancy Phillips financially literacy series, Zela Wela Kids!

He promptly came over to where I was sitting and snuggled up next to me so we could read it. We read one the other day and I guess he liked it so much he was ready for more! Nancy Phillips has done a GREAT job on these books! They are delightful to read and as my son reveals, very engaging for kids his age (8 yo).

Thank you Nancy for the great work you are doing!!

Sarah Cook
CEO of Raising CEO Kids.

Nancy Phillips is the only person I’ve come across who has actually looked at how kids learn financial life skills best. Nancy’s approach means that better learning is going to happen – which will lead to better financial habits and long-term outcomes.

Sacha Millstone
Senior Vice President
The Millstone Evans Group

What Nancy and her Zela Wela Kids program brings to the world is not just important but incredibly fun and effective. I have witnessed, in just one day, a transformation of children’s thoughts and habits around money. Remarkable and I am NOT overstating.

Don R. Campbell
Senior Analyist
Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

Nancy’s Financial Literacy Products for Kids is a direct fit with our goal of increasing financial literacy. The Zela Wela Kids books are a fantastic resource to help facilitate the discussions in a way that is easy and fun.

Sybil Verch

Host and Producer

The Wealthy Life

Dear Nancy,


Thank you 

I personally loved it (the book) and I am going to make my own cereal box bank.
It is also an amazing idea having give, invest, save and spend because it is a perfect balance between needs, wants and feeling good. I also liked how interesting the book is and how it makes you want to build a bank of your own. I think everyone should have their own bank. 

From Nolan, age 14

Nancy with Lisa Sasevich at Live Sassy.
Nancy with Debbie Travis at Financial Literacy Month Gala.
Nancy at Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony.
Nancy with mentor Jack Canfield.

Already your books have transformed how we talk about money in my own household. We’ve read through each book countless times, but the most incredible change I have witnessed centers around giving. My daughter is the only child we have, and the only grandchild on both sides, so it’s probably not surprising that she has accumulated a lot of “stuff”.

Last Christmas and on her birthday last year, we tried to talk with her about the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate. Both times, we were faced with tears and sadness as she changed her mind about giving some of her beloved toys away.

Shortly after reading the books, we asked if Rae had any toys that she would like to give away. She happily chose a number of toys (almost 2 big boxes worth), said thank-you and good-bye to each one and we sent them off for donation. No tears, no regrets. She was really proud of herself and it was an amazing moment for us to see that change in her.”

Stephanie Pool
Financial Advisor and Mom to Rae

Hi Nancy, 

Just following up on your presentation last night and wanted to let you know that I was so glad I went.  There were things that I hadn’t realized, you opened my eyes.  

Even my husband came home feeling the same way.  Once we got homehe actually sat down with the kids for almost an hour to discuss your presentation.
Very grateful and looking forward to your audio release in the new year!
Leslie O.

 In her Zela Wela Kids books, Nancy Phillips has created an absolutely priceless and fun way to teach your children about the value of money. Her books are all so much fun. They are a MUST READ for any and all parents. Truly. If you have children… buy at least one. I’ll bet you won’t stop there.

Kevin P. White
Award-winning, best-selling author of 6 books.

Hi Nancy,

I cannot tell you how passionate I am about your mission. Your blog post on why entrepreneurial thinking skills are essential in kids addressed exactly what I’ve been thinking about and wanting to teach my two sons.

Nancy, I just want to thank you for what you are doing with zelawelakids. It is truly phenomenal. I want to support and promote your mission in ANY way I can.

I am positive that the women entrepreneurs that I work with want to teach their children these skills as a young age precisely because the careers they will have do not exist yet. As a woman entrepreneur, I am committed to teaching my sons these values, but I had no idea how to do it. And then the Universe brought me to you, Nancy!

Vrunda Davé, Ph.D.

Founder, The Soul Entrepreneur, Business Breakthroughs for Women Entrepreneurs

From Brian Tracy…

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy,
World Renowned Business Author and Speaker.

Thank you again for an invaluable presentation to our clients and their children.  Instilling proper financial behavior and habits at a young age has such an enormous impact as time goes on.  In addition, providing a forum to discuss entitlement issues with the parents directly, proved to be a great topic of discussion.  We look forward to inviting you to present at future gatherings.

Charles Massimo, President
CJM Fiscal Management
Melville, New York

We created the Financial and Life Skills to Your Next Generation Workshop to provide our clients’ children with a foundation and framework to invest the proper way.  It is proven that the earlier one adopts a prudent investment philosophy and controls their behavior, they will have a much more successful investment experience than those who don’t.  Nancy, you were able to provide further insight into what drives impulsive behavior and why getting into debt early in life can be devastating to one’s financial future. Thank you again for a productive and informative presentation.

Peter S. Anastasian, Managing Director
Behavioral Investment Manager
CJM Wealth Management

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy
Founder – Brian Tracy International

“Nancy’s work helps financial advisors better connect with their clients and children and grandchildren, while reinforcing key financial lessons and best practices. Her message–that parents have a crucial role to play in shaping their children’s financial values and knowledge–is one that cannot be emphasized enough.  Nancy is committed to making a difference and working with firms, families and financial advisors who understand that financial education at any age can make a real difference.”

William G. Chettle
Chief Marketing Officer –  Loring Ward Financial Inc. 

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy
Founder – Brian Tracy International