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Raising Awareness For Today’s Youth! 

While awareness of the financial crisis the next generation faces has certainly come a long way since I started on this journey, it’s still a very young initiative. By continuing to raise awareness, promote better education, and provide better access to family resources we can all make a difference in the success of today’s youth. On this page you’ll find articles and interviews with incredible organizations who understand the need for these resources, who are also doing their part to raise greater awareness of the situation we find ourselves in.

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Teaching Kids about Money – The Wealthy Life

Nancy’s Financial Literacy Products for Kids is a direct fit with our goal of increasing financial literacy. The Zela Wela Kids books are a fantastic resource to help facilitate the discussions in a way that is easy and fun.

Sybil Verch
Host and Producer
The Wealthy Life

Favorite Financial Education Bloggers

These bloggers are authors, journalists, parents, teachers, money management experts and entrepreneurs. Some offer advice on saving, investing, paying off debt and selecting the best credit card while others share tips on educating children about money and...

Zela Wela Kids Are Growing Up

It all started with books for Zela Wela kids learning how to save money and spend only on what’s important to them. Now, the kids are teens and they need a revised resource. So Kelowna author and mom, Nancy Phillips, has penned Steps to Success Teen Guide. Both books...

Teens Desperately Needed Financial Life Skills

Personal finance is life skill that must be taught. No one is born with the knowledge, but everyone needs to learn it due to the numerous financial decisions we make everyday. Teens today are going out into the world unaware and inexperienced with what they will face...

Great gifts for kids that instill financial savvy

Grandparents scrambling to buy the “perfect” gift may want to pause and consider something a little more practical than a remote-controlled car or a Frozen Barbie doll. Consider items that help kids learn about money and ways to save, share, and spend it. Read the...

The Money Honey : Path To Financial Freedom For Girls

I remember when my high school volleyball coach explained the word “response – ability.” You can respond to a situation however you choose; this is where maturity, self-control and self-awareness come into play. These wise words can relate to a lot of topics in life...

7 Apps to Teach Your Kids Personal Finance Skills

With the economic crisis still fresh in our minds and students dealing with an ever growing debt, it has never been more important for parents to educate their children on how to save and budget. Education should start around the age of 5 or 6. However, many parents...

Parents Of Millenials, Teach Your Children Well

Today still, parents are the most influential financial instructors that their children will ever have. And one thing parents need to teach their kids is the importance of starting to save for retirement as early as possible, right after they graduate high school....

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Power Women Magazine/Radio Interview

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Listen Money Matters!

Podcast: Teaching Kids about Personal Finance with Nancy Phillips of Zela Wela Kids – Episode 242 (need Itunes to listen)

This Week in America

Radio Interview with Nancy Phillips

Money For Lunch - Blog Talk Radio

Radio Interview with Nancy Phillips – “How to Teach Your Children the Most Critical Financial Life Skills.”