Nancy Phillips

Last week I shared one of the most inspiring and powerful experiences of my life with my daughter Natasha. It’s called Mindvalley University, and they’re changing the landscape of education, business practices and thankfully, human connection. Having worked in the corporate and orthopedic sports medicine arena for decades, I’ve seen excellence in education and human performance before, but this is a whole new world – and it’s accessible to individuals and families, not just members of an industry or organization. Mindvalley University has bypassed the bureaucracy often present in precision performance launches. It brings together high-level education with the increasingly essential focus on human connectedness necessary to move humanity forward in the right direction for our future generations.

There were so many highlights and deep learnings it’s impossible to cover them all in a short blog. We weren’t there for the full month program, but when you go from the wisdom of Tibetan monk, Gelong Thubten speaking on compassion in today’s world, to Steven Kotler the human performance expert and author of Stealing Fire speaking on flow state, it’s a stimulation of thoughts and feelings which gives you new perspectives that can’t help but change your life.

How exactly do you create an extraordinary life in today’s world, and how do you effectively help your children learn to do so? These aren’t easy questions because our world is changing so fast, and it’s so different from when we were young. What’s necessary for survival and happiness today may not have been even ten years ago. Busyness has become a state of mind distracting a huge proportion of our society from real life and the simple joys we can experience each day.

I found the key themes of Mindvalley University all to be of value. These included highly specific presentations within: personal and business performance, optimal health and communication. Creativity is one of the most important skills in the 21st-century and yet the majority of the population in many developed countries are so stressed with racing brain waves and sustained high cortisol (stress hormones) levels they are not able to get into creative flow states, or even just relax and be in the present moment to enjoy their families and their lives. This directly impacts the personal happiness and success of millions of people, and ultimately the well-being and progress of our society.

During the business presentation of Mindvalley University COO Eric Strauss, I really liked the clarity of his comment that Mindvalley is “a mission with a business,” and his statement that all companies need to create both organizational health and intelligence. Most people take their feelings from work home to their loved ones. If the majority of people are unhappy at work like the statistics say, what does that do for our family life and social culture? Looking at the numbers, it’s not a good picture. Many employees today are burning out from physical and mental stressors due to old and broken paradigms, from overwork causing reduced performance, to financial challenges from the lack of basic personal financial education in a world where it is much easier and faster to buy than ever before in history. This costs the employee physically and mentally, and organizations are losing millions of dollars from lost productivity. No one wins in this scenario. At Mindvalley University, founder Vishen Lakhiani and his team are reinventing education and hacking organizational efficiency – it’s not for the faint hearted though. Key documents are updated in real-time with new ideas from all levels of the organization, this is certainly not a common practice in a traditional business structure.

The personal growth and connectedness components are what Natasha and I both felt took things to a whole other level of meaning. Powerful personal progress activities, learning from others, sharing with others, feeling a part of something bigger; these are all experiences that inspire, fuel optimism, grow compassion and maintain and grow excitement about one’s future.

These are not experiences’ easily accessible through standard education. This is what Mindvalley University has successfully developed through the extremely hard work of their team. Thank you MVU, this was a life-altering experience.

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