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Help your kids and teens build organizational and budget spending skills this holiday

Christmas is fast approaching, and I for one know this can be a stressing time for parents. Children demanding impossible Christmas gifts, kids changing their minds every day, teens attempting to buy gifts for others but mismanaging their budget… The list goes on. What if you were able to turn that into a time when your kids and teens build organizational and budget spending skills instead?

Listing wants

Create a wish list, where your kids and teens will be able to write down their wants for Christmas. Listing wishes on a piece of papers will first avoid tantrums at the store. The month leading up to Christmas can be a particularly challenging time for parents, as store are full of toys and other temptations for kids. However, if you kid has already thought about what he or she really wants, and has stated that this is actually the thing(s) he or she really wants, it will avoid you endless negotiations explaining why you are not buying this toy or this candy right here right now. As a parent, you get the ability to give your child a choice without saying the dreaded “no” which only creates upset. The child stays calm and you get a chance to discuss things with each other.

In addition, when confronted to actually having to write down what they want on a piece of paper, something that will last more than a few seconds or minutes, children tend to eliminate a lot of things they think they want but don’t really do in reality. This can be great to shortlist a few items they would really love to unwrap under the Christmas tree.

Planning spendings

Christmas can be an expensive season. Some kids and teens might want to spend some of their pocket money buying gifts for their loved ones. It can be a first experience for them, and planning to spend the right amount on each gift to have enough left for everyone can seem like a daunting task.

To address that, using a Christmas spending planner can be a great solution. There, your kids and teens can list the number of people they want to buy gifts for, and the budget allocated for each person. They can also keep track of what they have already bought and what is left to do before Christmas.

Setting up a schedule and a list of things needed

Christmas is an exciting time for everyone. Our little ones often want to engage in some seasonal activities like decorating the tree, warming up the home for the holidays, or baking Christmas cookies. However, we all know how they can be! Making tons of plans, but getting disorganized or overwhelmed, and not actually realizing them.

This is why establishing a schedule is an absolute must to keep everything under control. With your assistance, your children can list all the preparations they want to do before Christmas. Once these have been decided on, you can list together all the things needed to do everything. Baking ingredients, house decorations, you name it! With everything written down and listed, your kids will get stuff done, have all the things they need ready, and spend hours of priceless fun!

By downloading the FREE holiday bundle, you will get a spending planner, an activity scheduler and a Christmas wish list to fill with your child. Get planning today for a stress-free holiday season! The skills your children will acquire, budget planning and organization, will benefit them in many aspects of their life for a very long time.

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