Nancy Phillips

Today I want to just tell you very briefly about a free download I have available for you. What this free download is, is the essential financial life skills that you’ll want to teach your kids. Now, how this came about is, when I found out that children were not learning financial life skills in school I had a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old and I thought, ‘’Okay! Well, if they’re not going to learn these progressive life skills in school and help launch them into adulthood effectively then I’m going to have to teach it myself’’.

So, I started diving into some research and what I found was absolutely fascinating. I ended up going deeper and deeper and really decided I wanted to do a review of everything that was out there and simplify it. I just wanted to bring it down to some key points and discover what exactly I needed to teach and then figure out how. So, these are the key skills that I feel that it’s really critical for my kids to learn and it’s available for you if you’d like to have a look at it as well. So, what I did was I boiled down the information that I researched from thousands of hours of reading books, looking at interviews, reading academic papers; things to do with our behaviours, our habits, how we make decisions about money, and so forth. And the key factors, the key points, I boiled down and put in this list and then what I did was, after I had what I had, discover how to teach them and then that’s when I began to write the stories in the activity books for kids and teens and so forth. So, those are the resources but this free download is available for you.

I hope you find it super helpful and I’m open to any questions or comments on my website.

Thank you!  


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