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Nancy Phillips, Teen Financial AuthorMany of you have asked me when I would write a resource for teenagers. Well, I’m thrilled to let you know the Steps to Success Teen Guide, 25 Financial and Life Success Lessons to Help You Achieve Your Dreams is now available!

If you have a teen in your life, you will want them to experience this personal and concise lesson based actvitity guide. The first step of the guide helps them identify and clarify their personal values. This will help them make their financial decisions based on what’s truly important to them, instead of following what they hear from the media or their peers.

The 40-page resource allows the teen to create their own personalized guide through short lessons and related activities – they walk away with a plan for their future, and steps on to make it happen.

Packed with helpful tips and suggestions on everything from setting goals to managing money, the “Steps to Success Teen Guide” also outlines key concepts teens need to be aware of to persevere towards their goals, including:



*How Needs and Wants Affect Your Life

*The Difference Between Debit and Credit

*The Give, Invest, Save and Spend (GISS) Method of Managing Money and Building Wealth

* Creating a Spending Plan (aka Budget) to Achieve Your Goals

*The Different Types of Debt

*The Benefits of Entrepreneurial Thinking

*The Impact of Gratitude on Success and Happiness

Steps to Success Teen Guide by Nancy Phillips

The guide is available until December 1st for the launch price of $16.95, then it will return to it’s regular price of $22.95.

Financial life skills are one of the most important skills a teen will need to live a happy and successful life in today’s world. They will make over ten financial decisions a day by the time the finish high school, and they deserve to have guidance to help them make good decisions.

 Thank you all for your support and encouragement to research and create this guide. My hope is that it helps teens all over the world better prepare to live successful, happy and independent lives.

Nancy Phillips, Youth Financial Author

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