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I get asked quite often what lessons the Zela Wela Kids Build a Bank book teaches, so in case you’re wondering too, here is a short summary!

The book introduces your child to the powerful wealth building concept of dividing all earnings into giving, saving, investing and saving. Through watching the main characters build their own banks, your children will learn more about the importance of each category. You can also do the activity with your own children which enhances their learning and most importantly it’s FUN!

Repetition and “doing” are two of the most important laws of learning. By building their own bank and practicing the habit of separating money for different uses at a young age, your child will learn about counting money and adding and subtracting it in a real life situation. They will learn more about saving and spending and thus their responsibility to decide between needs and wants.

Over time, this practice will allow your child to develop the foundation for calculating percentages which is essential for understanding interest rates and financial contracts later in life.

They will learn about the joy of giving and most importantly, they will learn not to overspend!

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