Financial Life Skills & Financial Education Resources

with Nancy Phillips

Helping parents, teachers and professionals teach financial education and build positive financial skills in today’s youth.

Our mission is to help increase the financial and life success skills of our youth globally so they can achieve their full potential, and share their gifts with the world.

We work with organizations, charitable foundations, schools and individuals committed to this outcome.

 Nancy Phillips is the only person I’ve come across who has actually looked at how people learn financial life skills best. Nancy’s approach means that better learning is going to happen – which will lead to better financial habits and long-term outcomes.

Sacha Millstone, Senior Vice President, Investments

The Millstone Evans Group of Raymond James

What Nancy and her Wela Way program brings to the world is not just important but incredibly fun and effective. I have witnessed, in just one day, a transformation of families’ thoughts and habits around money. Remarkable and I am NOT overstating.

Don R. Campbell, Senior Analyst

Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

Nancy’s Financial Literacy Resources is a direct fit with our goal of increasing financial literacy. The Wela Way books are a fantastic resource to help facilitate the discussions in a way that is easy and fun.

Sybil Verch, Host and Producer  

The Wealthy Life

Letter From Nancy

Hi Friends,

You may have noticed…

It is more critical than ever that we begin to teach our youth and young adults financial and life success skills to help them reach their full potential and live meaningful, abundant lives.

What’s the cost of not doing this?

Financial stress impacts every area of life from mental focus in the present moment, to increased stress hormone levels causing mental anxiety and sleeplessness. These factors eventually impact long-term health, relationships, career and everyday well-being. Lack of knowledge in this area of life can lead to devastating credit card debt, bankruptcies as well as the more human factors of low self-esteem, depression, relationship challenges, health issues, and sometimes crime. When people live with severe financial stress they are living in a type of tunnel vision “survival mode” which makes it harder to make wise long-term decisions, eat healthy food (more expensive), find free time to have fun with family and friends, be patient with others, and be optimistic about the future. This impacts everyone directly or indirectly, including the next generation. When you look at the stats, it’s clear this is a national and international epidemic.

The younger generations deserve to have hope for their future and learn the financial education and life skills they need to be personally successful and fulfilled, and our world needs them to have the opportunity to reach their potential and share their natural talents and gifts.

As Ghandi once said “the future depends on what we do in the present.”

        Nancy with mentor Jack Canfield

How the Steps to Success Will Help You Achieve Your Dreams.


The guide will help you:

  • Identify how to achieve your full potential in life
  • Begin to build your personal net worth
  • Stay out of bad debt
  • Create your unique path to success and happiness

The concepts addressed include:

  • How to set goals for personal success
  • How needs and wants affect your life
  • The GISS Method of developing good money management skills and long-term wealth
  • The difference between debit and credit

From Brian Tracy…

“This incredible program shows parents how to help their children prepare for success in today’s world. Nancy Phillips has laid it out simply and effectively so parents finally have a roadmap to follow.”

Brian Tracy,
World Renowned Business Author and Speaker.

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